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Wealth Planning

Wealth planning around CNY and the Syracuse, NY area to prepare you for retirement.

Wealth planning around CNY and the Syracuse, NY area to prepare you for retirement.

You may be thinking, “Isn’t wealth planning the same as retirement planning?” Yes, it is very similar, but there is more involved. The sooner you start planning, the better. Wealth planning is an ongoing process that we will adapt to whatever changes may occur in your life, whether you stay in Syracuse, New York or you plan to relocate.

Wealth Planning Involves:

Your Will and Trust

We help make sure that they are both set up accordingly. Having a proper will and trust will ensure your wishes are carried out.

A Flexible Plan

We help develop your investment goals with your will and trust in mind, so you know how you will be living in your retirement years. We also solidify your retirement strategy by devising an estate plan, a risk management plan, and a tax reduction strategy.


Not all investments perform the same or have the same intended purpose. With that in mind, we help you develop goals for your specific investments.

Legacy Goals

We look at your assets and help decide what you hope to pass on and how, whether it be to your children or to charity. We believe that leaving a legacy is important. We want you to be remembered!

How We Will Achieve Your Retirement Goals at Our Syracuse, New York Location

In addition to utilizing our retirement planning and wealth planning expertise, we collaborate with attorneys and accountants to ensure that your wealth planning is handled as efficiently as possible. We believe that it is necessary to work with other professionals with individual expertise to ensure that each aspect of your financial plan is properly covered.

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