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Volunteering at the Diaper Bank

Volunteering at the Diaper Bank

October 03, 2021

The mission for the CNY Diaper Bank is to ensure that all CNY families have access to an adequate supply of diapers for their babies and toddlers, and to build awareness in our community that diapers are a basic human need not being met for all children. This is a very important mission as 50% of Syracuse children under 5 live in poverty.

The CNY Diaper Bank aims to centralize the fundraising and distribution of free diapers to families in need through existing service providers, including:

Local food pantries
Childcare centers
Social service agencies

During the pandemic the diaper distribution program doubled to respond to the increased need in 2020. In 2020 the Diaper bank distributed 1,971,840 diapers to Central New York families. That is an average of 164,320 diapers per month. There are 36 partner agencies that help provide diapers to the diaper bank, as well as various donations and community diaper drives.

Check out their website to donate or volunteer